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Radio Ladies: Canada's Women On The Air: 1922-1975 (Revised)
ISBN 978-0-9866105-5-4
© Magnetewan Publishing.

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In 1922 four young women competed to become the first Canadian female voice on the airwaves.  The brand-new medium of radio was the territory of men, yet by 1928 several young women across Canada were reading the national and local news, writing dramas, doing live interviews and pioneering the way for today's media stars.  Sadly, few of their names were remembered and most of their remarkable work was forgotten. But now a new book safeguards their names and work forever.  Radio Ladies is unique in its approach - containing personal interviews, archival material, vintage photographs.  It is useful as an academic source with bibliography and index - yet is perfect for readers who simply loved radio as it used to be - and never will be again.  Radio and Canada's history were closely linked: radio informed us through The Great Depression, the Second World War, mining disasters, Canada's emerging music scene, the Polio epidemic, the Dirty Thirties, everyday small-town news, the Terry Fox story, the War in the Falklands, the FLQ crisis and Hurricane Hazel.  Radio linked women to their communities and to each other, in urgent times and everyday life.  Radio Ladies is designed for an easy read - hard-wearing soft cover, 360 pages in a 9 x 6 inch format - perfect for your backpack or on your library shelf, at an affordable price.  See back page to order with your corporate credit card through Paypal.

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