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Magnetewan Books is a select imprint in Vancouver. We are one of the very few feminist publishing houses in Canada. We publish Canadian non-fiction exclusively; stories about men and women’s social issues and histories. Our soft-cover, 6 x 9 inch, perfect-bound books are just the right size for carrying in backpacks or sitting on your library shelf, or in a classroom. We employ professional editor Dave Henry to style our books. We use Island Blue Printorium to produce strong, beautiful books that last.

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“Radio Ladies: Canada’s Women on the Air 1922-1975”

ISBN 9780986610554.  Still selling, after all these years and still the only book profiling women in Canadian Radio history. Get it for schools from Canadian Inter-Library Loans through your public library. Meet stars of the Golden Age of Radio – Betty Kennedy, Sylvia Tyson, Kate Aitken, June Dennis, Mary Clark and 40 more who pioneered in Canadian radio. This book made the Vancouver Public Library “Suggested Readings” list. Includes vintage photographs, WW-2 radio plays for Victory Bonds and fan letters. Selected Bibliography and Index. This is the only book about Canadian radio with a complete section on French-language radio stars translated from Quebec archives by Dave Henry. Perfect for teen-to-college-age readers or fans who loved radio as it once was and never will be again. Read what reviewers say about “Radio Ladies” below. Price: $29.95 plus shipping, handling and taxes.

“Rape and After: The Counselling Path”

ISBN 9780986610561. Emma Tyler Harrison’s first-hand report on the methods and mechanics of group and private counselling following sexual assault. Her brutally personal diary is supported and enhanced by interviews with criminologists Dr. Eric Beauregard, Dr. Allan Postuma, Dr. Ray Blanchard, Dr. Reid Meloy and more. In Emma’s story we discover our own strengths, and learn how counselling works and why it saves precious time on the path to recovery. “Why Me?” Find out why a criminal selects a target and how you can prevent his success. Learn risk assessment tools and how to create a personal safety plan. Every woman should own this book. Price: $29.95 plus shipping, handling and taxes. This book is special order only. Contact us magnetewanbooks@gmail.com to order. “Rape and After” is also available through Canadian Inter-Library Loans at your public library coast to coast.


ISBN 9780986610585. “Safe House” by M. Scriven. Non-Fiction. A quiet uptown Toronto street, elegant brownstone, a large family. A safe house for spies? Who could possibly guess, unless one knew the secret activity that went on inside. This story told for the first time through interviews and personal family histories of the Second World War will mesmerize readers who love stories of the clandestine. Canada has always produced excellent spies; remarkably there were eight members of this family involved in counter-espionage. From 1939 to the 1950s they went about their dangerous work, coming and going from this house without detection. Cover art by Luke Lewandowski. $29.95 plus shipping, handling and taxes. Coming Soon.

“Toronto Tales – Growing Up In Greenwood”

Craig Dunn (“The Key Valley Railroad”) has put together 50 connected short stories revolving around his gang of small boys who grew up in the Greenwood area of Toronto. Starting in the early 1950s, “Toronto Tales” continues until the gang grows up, in the mid-1960s’ era of freedom and adventure in the Toronto of that time. Witty, slightly acidic humour and great characterization throughout. Cover art by Magnetewan Books. Contact author for more “Toronto Tales” publication information, price and release date at craidunng1@gmail.com

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Here are some comments about our first book, “Radio Ladies: Canada’s Women on the Air 1922-1975” …

“I think your work will make a valuable addition to our collection – for the history of radio broadcasting and women’s studies as well as Canadian studies, Aboriginal studies and Journalism.”
Scott Turner, MacOdrum Library, Carleton University.

“You are to be congratulated on taking on such a daunting assignment. You have contributed to radio history.”  The Hon. Betty Kennedy, O.C.

“This is excellent.”
Gord Landsell, Northwest Broadcasters.

“We are very interested in Radio Ladies.”
CBC Radio One

“Congratulations on the book and thanks for remembering that I wanted a copy.
Pamela Martin, CTV News

“Bravo, and Bravo again!”
Keith Spicer, Chairman (Ret.) Canadian Radio & Television Commission.

Congratulations on your book – well done.”
Stonewall MB Historical Society.

“Thank-you for contributing to Canadian culture.”
Library & Archives Canada.

“Well done.”
Craig Dunn, “The Key Valley Railway”.

“Congratulations! Looking forward to reading “Radio Ladies” when spring planting is done.”
Wayne Schmalz, “On Air: Radio in Saskatchewan”.

“Will sell like hotcakes!”
Ken (BossRadio) McKim.

“Don’t tell me you’re still writing that book!”
Ida Clarkson, CHEK TV, Victoria.

“I’m looking forward to reading this!
Jan Tennant, first female national television news anchor.

“Well done – radio contributed to Canadian history in so many ways.”
Brian and Rick Antonson.